Birdguard Bird Spikes

  • To Feed Or Not To Feed

    To Feed Or Not To Feed

    It’s so very hard to resist the urge to feed birds but it
    negatively affects them by discouraging them to seek out food on their own as they become dependent on humans for their survival. 🌱
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  • Holiday DIY

    Holiday DIY

    Not going away for the holidays?😕 Why not give your home some TLC by doing some Holiday DIY 🛠 and installing some bird spikes to stop those pesky pigeons🕊from nesting.👏🏻 
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  • Bird Poop Can Be Dangerous

    Bird Poop Can Be Dangerous

    Did you know that pigeons could carry over 60 transmittable diseases, some of which can be fatal to humans?

    Bird poop 💩 around your home or business 🏡 increases the risk of contracting any number of these diseases🦠
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  • The Bacteria Within

    The Bacteria Within

    Did you know there is harmful bacteria 🦠 found in bird poop which cause a condition called Hypersensitivite pneumonitis or Pigeon fancier’s lung. 
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  • Handy Cleaning Tips

    Handy Cleaning Tips

    Bird poop can eat into your car paint so here’s a handy tip 💁🏻‍♀️ to remove bird droppings from your vehicle! 💩
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  • Ready , Set , Clean

    Ready , Set , Clean

    Cleaning 🧼 bird poop is not a pleasant task but with a few simple household items you can ensure a bird poop-free home in a few short steps.
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  • Snap & Resize To Fit

    Snap & Resize To Fit

    Our bird deterrents are specifically designed to enable you to snap them into the required length to fit onto tricky corners and small ledges!
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